Why We Make

By definition, “to create” is to cause something to come into being. So an argument could be made that everything in existence was, at one point in time, created. Rivers have created canyons, converging tectonic plates have created mountains, plants have created fruit and cold has created snow. These are just a small selection of examples that show us how things are made. However, we can look at a different selection and see how things are created: a painter creates a painting, a businessman creates innovation (innovation = $), a musician creates music, and the host of a party creates a welcoming environment. Whether something is made or created there is a process that occurs. I will aim to evaluate these processes to broaden my own horizon of creativity.

Throughout my journey in life I hope to spend much of my time exploring who creates, why they create, how they create and perhaps do a little creating myself. By doing this, my goal is to develop a better understanding of the creative process by pulling from all arenas of creativity. 

I hope to take adventures through art’s realm of creativity by watching an artist paint or sketch their way through a story. Or I might paint or sketch my own way through a story.

I hope to experience the creativity of business and entrepreneurship by studying businessmen and women that are admired in the business world. Or I might even dive into my own ventures on new levels.

I hope to watch how a musician creates not only a pleasing sound but also an experience unlike anyone else’s. Don’t worry; I won’t try to do this one by myself.

I hope to throw parties and go to parties where people experience a new and enjoyable environment.

I definitely do not claim to be the most creative individual to ever walk the face of the earth but I know that there is a lot out there for me to discover. 

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