Creation: Art or Science?

When we look at the amazing things people create, most of us ask ourselves the same question. HOW?

How did that painter move paint around on a canvas and create an emotional experience pulled out of your heart through your eyes? How did that chef chop and stir that oil and vegetables to the extent that they look, smell AND taste like nothing you have ever tasted before? And how did that teacher make her classroom fun for 5 year old brats who would usually rather spend their day combining nose-picking and screaming into one wonderful activity?

My mistake has always been to look at an object of creation and then try to break down how that object was made. I do this because my brain works in systems that cause me to think that step 1 always leads to step 2. However, creation NEVER works like that but it ALWAYS works like that. I know, that doesn’t make any sense.

What I am trying to say is that creation can be either an art or a science but GOOD creation is always both. If everyone always used the step-by-step method of “scientific” creation we would never see anything new or refreshing created. And if everyone always used the “art” approach to creation we would never see anything remotely the same, which would lead to chaos and confusion amongst all our brains.

In my experience, every good creator has a creative process. Some writers have to go out and observe some form of life before they can even think about developing a story. Some painters have to see something before they can make something to see. I could go on with the cheesy examples but all I am trying to say is that whether you are a CEO or a dancer there is a thought process that occurs when you set out on your voyage to make something.

So when you find yourself facing a block in your creative process it is important to know what exactly your process is. What helps you think? Do you need to push through or take a break? Think about it.

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