Good Art. Bad Art.

In the third grade my art teacher told our class that is no such thing as bad art. She was lying. In fact, there is an entire museum dedicated to bad art. The Museum of Bad Art, MOBA, claims to display art that is “too bad to be ignored.” So why do I even bring up this concept of bad art? Because there’s a reason behind bad art.

Art is bad when the “truck driver” tries to be the “super model”. What I’m trying to say is that the truck driver was never cut out to be the super model. The truck driver is really good at activities like maneuvering heavy machinery, talking on the C.B. radio and participating in eating contests. On the other hand, the super model is really good at walking gracefully and starving herself. As you can see they have two totally different skill sets. So when the “truck driver” tries to be the “super model” things aren’t going to go well for him.

Are we lost? Or are we getting somewhere?

Here’s what could happen. Instead of the truck driver trying to be the super model, the truck driver’s helpful friend might say, “Hey truck driver. You’re really good at driving that 20,000-pound truck. But, you’re not really that good at walking the runway… at all. So maybe you should work on improving your skills as a truck driver?”

And then the truck driver could say, “Your right. My hairy back and thunder thighs aren’t really what most fashion designers are looking for in a super model. But, I am really good at driving that 20,000-pound truck. In fact, I can drive it better than any other driver out there. Maybe if I work really hard at driving that 20,000-pound truck and save my money I can buy two 20,000-pound trucks and pay someone to drive the other one. And then, after a little while I can save some more money and buy a third truck and pay someone else to drive that one. And before you know it I could have one of the best trucking companies in North America!”

If everyone focused on doing what he or she was good at then there would be no bad art. People would end up creating things that they understand instead of things that don’t make any sense to them.

So… go do what your good at.

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