Don’t Be A Robot.

If someone is “creative” it must mean that they are full of edgy ideas and unmatchable skill, right?


I think that’s a lie that we have all bought in to our whole lives. We have been led astray and convinced that our purpose is to fit into a mechanism that was set up by someone way smarter than us because we were too dumb to make it up ourselves. When we do this and believe that we are just a small piece of a giant crapy puzzle we limit our potential in the worst possible way. We blind ourselves and don’t even consider whether or not our purpose lies somewhere more valuable.

The fact is, we were all made to make something and what we were made to make is different for everybody. But right now you may be saying, “Hold on! Not everyone can just go make whatever they want to make. There are jobs to do everywhere that no body wants to do but people have to do anyway.” I agree. 100%. Not everyone will get to pursue what he or she was made to do. But, that’s only because they have bought into the lie that their story in life revolves around working just to do instead of working to create.

With that said let me say this, the argument that you were not made to make holds zero water for one reason. You have a brain. Your brain is not like anyone else’s brain. AND no one else has ever seen exactly what your brain is thinking or how it’s working. Because you have this brain that no one else has you can make thoughts that no one else can make and feel feelings that NO ONE else can feel. When we understand our uniqueness our potential is boundless, we are no longer like a robot that was designed to do one menial job.

Don’t buy into the lie that you are only as good as your boss says you are. Use your brain and don’t be a robot.

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