Your Creation Is Your Brand.

The things that we make are the things that we leave behind. The things that we leave behind are the things that we will be remembered by. How people remember us, is our brand.

Why is this important?

Because you are what you make! If YOU are the retail clerk who sits behind the counter looking at your reflection in your freshly painted fingernails while choosing not to answer my questions about the camera lens that I’m considering purchasing, I’m going to remember YOU as the lazy jerk that worked at the store that I’m probably never going to go back to. If YOU are the plumber who installed a leaky toilet and explosive faucet in my bathroom, then I’m just going to remember YOU as the incompetent guy with a plunger. Lastly, If you are the entirely unhelpful call center employee for the cable company, I will remember your voice as one that is not concerned, emotionally flat and condescending.

We know that it is important to have our brand remembered and remembered well. So what do we do now?

Give it 100%. Do your best work. Have passion for what you do. Or else, all of your relationships that you spent so much time establishing will become essentially worthless. Nobody wants to spend his or her time and energy on a half-hearted, short-lived, self-absorbed brand (person). So always remember that your work will be remembered whether it was great or terrible and what people remember is your brand. So in a sense you are constantly branding yourself.

Related to this post is a short post by Seth Godin, one of my favorite bloggers. It can be found here.

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