Do you ever feel like you’re stuck? Like you literally can’t move? The feeling is toxic. Food doesn’t taste good, Music sounds ugly and you just want your mom to tell you that everything will be all right because you’re the most special person in the world (you’re not). These feelings that sometimes consume us are often described as “bumps in the road” but in reality, they are much more than that.

I don’t experience these “bumps in the road” often, but when I do it’s like my entire body is submerged in rapidly drying concrete that only stresses my fading hope in purpose. Everything that I thought I knew is immediately foreign, my to-do list is suddenly unimportant and I just want to sit in my back yard and stare at the fence (not because it’s interesting). The desire that I once had to go out and DO, becomes the urge to QUIT.

I know that all people experience these types of feelings to some degree or another because we are all made and wired the in same human way. But the important thing to consider when pondering our “bumps” is that we are not defined by what has happened to us but instead by how we’ve handled what has happened to us. That’s why these emotions, these conflicts, are more than just “bumps in the road.” They are definitive, life breathing moments in time. They draw the clear and intricate picture of DEATH or HOPE.

Unfortunately, DEATH is the choice that so many of us make. We choose to say that things that may have hurt us are better off dead than redeemed. We choose to cut ties with things that are considered risky or dangerous, when the fact is, that those risky and dangerous things may bring the greatest joy to our lives if we see them in the light of HOPE instead of DEATH.

HOPE. HOPE is the reality that all conflict presents us with beautiful opportunities.  Our true joy is revealed in these moments that the hero of HOPE prevails over the villain of DEATH. Don’t quit dancing because you don’t make any money doing it. Don’t quit playing basketball because you’ll never play at the professional level. Don’t quit skateboarding because your parent, teacher, local cop told you it’s not helping society. Don’t quit speaking your mind because your local representative’s mind is “better.” Don’t quit loving your friends who have chosen lives of DEATH. Don’t QUIT. Choose HOPE.

What will define you? Your DEATH or your HOPE?

3 thoughts on “HOPE or DEATH

  1. This is really good, Mark. I couldn’t agree more with anything you said. It’s those moments where we feel lost and ruined that ultimately make us who we are. I think that sometimes the most painful experiences we have in our lives are the most valuable and beneficial in the long-run.

    1. Thank you Kali! It really is encouraging to hear that someone else can identify with these kinds of life-defining moments that are sometimes hard to swallow but eventually breathe real meaning into life.

      I appreciate the authenticity of your comment!

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