Do you believe?

People spend hours upon hours making beautiful and progressive things each year. But how long do they spend enjoying these things?

In my experience, I spend huge amounts of time in thought. Simply pondering the possibilities of what something could eventually end up being. It usually turns out to be totally different. Not better or worse, but different. So is there some way that I could streamline this process and just take out the thought? …I don’t think so. I think that we get to experience real discovery in our thought-lives and therefore they are absolutely necessary. So I guess that I might be trying to say that it’s not “I think, therefore I am,” it’s “I think, Therefore I get to enjoy.”

What I am really trying to get at is; things that are made well require real thought. People, in the United States in particular, get so caught up in pumping out tons and tons of crap each year and forget about quality. We are clearly a nation of EXCESS and it is shown in mass amounts of poorly thought out products. For example, the “shake-weight.” That should be enough said, but it’s not. Millions of people bought this crappy and pointless product. The real story is that most of those people spent more time purchasing that product and carrying it to their car than they did actually using it. Because it doesn’t work.

So. Why don’t we want products that we can really enjoy? Why do we want the crap?

I don’t have the answer, because there are a million things to blame and it’s not just one reason. I want to literally create a revolution to bring quality back to American made products. I want locally grown vegetables to be more than just a fad for hippies and hipsters. I want furniture that doesn’t come in a compact box with assembly directions in Swedish. I want t-shirts that were woven and sown in Los Angeles and printed in Reno, Nevada. I want a product that I can stand behind instead of a product that I will have to replace immediately. Lastly, I dream of a day that shitty beer is imported beer.

So if YOU read this I want to challenge you to think about the stuff that you use everyday. Where did that stuff come from? Does that stuff last? Do you buy that stuff because it’s cheap or because it actually works? Is there something out there that is more than just stuff, something that is legitimately worth your time, money, thought and effort? And why don’t you buy THAT? And BELIEVE IN IT?

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