It’s All About Me

We live in the era of instant gratification, where almost everything is within the reach of our opposable thumbs. If we can’t have it within a matter of seconds then it must not be worth having. And, if we can’t click on it then it might as well not exist at all.

Why do we have this hyper-consumer mindset? This mindset that leads us to believe that everything out there is ours for the having? Honestly, it’s truly dangerous to think this way. If everyone applied the full velocity of this mental attitude to their lives we would all be totally lonely hoarders with heaps of credit card debt… But now that I say it, it sounds already familiar. The United States might be on the fast track to lonely hoarder heap-dom, if in fact, we’re not already there.

So let’s be strait, the problem is not that we think that we could have “it,” the problem is that we think we are entitled to “it.”

It meaning stuff.

Stuff meaning stuff that costs money.

Stuff that costs money meaning items that temporarily satisfy our seemingly empty lives.

We all have an empty hole somewhere. We think that because we have this hole, this emptiness, we not only need to fill it but we are entitled to fill it with “stuff.” The fact that we think our emptiness would ever deserve to be filled is a mistake. It’s a mistake because it’s our own fault that the hole in our lives is as big as it is. We tried to fill the hole with crap and it just got bigger.

This is a series of cause and effect that I could continue to rant about forever but I want to address what the genuinely important issue is.

Don’t be a hyper-consumer in your relationships! Cheese puffs may be just for you and your immediate although temporary satisfaction but people are not. People are not just for you. Don’t USE people like they exist for your own pleasure and fulfillment. If you want to exist for yourself and your own fun that’s fine with me but don’t drag another living breathing soul into it who doesn’t want to be there. Go join the other followers of destruction and try to buy your way to happiness.

My hope is that you would join me and any other half way decent people around the world in an effort to treat relationships with real substance. Even the guy at work that drives you nuts needs someone to treat him like a person instead of a vending machine. Take real time in your conversations with the elderly for they may not have many left. Love your spouse not because of what they do for you but because of what you get to do for them. Set yourself apart and rise above the shallow and trifling world. Just care.

Let’s create environments that welcome, not environments that check-out.

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think, just so I can be reassured that you are not a mindless hyper-consumer.

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