Document Your Life

The first photograph was made in 1826 and ever since then people have been telling stories with images that authentically reflect real life. People had pursued this concept of story telling through images before, i.e. cave drawings to renaissance painters. However, photographs changed everything, people could develop an image in a seemingly timeless manner.

Today pictures are a part of everyday life. We see photos utilized in everything from billboards to websites and they all exist with a common purpose. They tell a story. This is very important because we all have a story to tell. But the question is; are we using photographs to tell it? And should we?

Personally, I know that I have spent most of my life despising having to pose for the camera. I have always thought that I’ve had too much to do in life to stop and wait for a camera to take a picture. AND I don’t love to look at myself so why do I need the picture anyway? Well the answer is simple really. I need the picture because it tells my story. The picture reminds me of where I have been and can even help direct me in where I am going. The picture is not just a memory for me but also a podium from which I can interact with those who are interested.

And, why would I not want to tell my story with photographs? Today it might not even be possible to buy a cell phone without a camera on it. This makes it so incredibly easy to utilize photos, yet I am still hesitant… or lazy.

To further the argument, the internet has magnified the necessity for pictures by x1,000,000,000. No one would be interested in facebook if there were no opportunities to share their less than flattering photos of themselves. And an online store for Victoria’s Secret would be essentially pointless with out photographs. Women would be left with no other way to feel bad about themselves. Lastly, most people would never buy a product off of the internet unless they could at least look at it first. Or at least look at a picture of the empty box that will be shipped to them.

I bring up the internet and its photo-necessity to make the point that: Photos + Internet = maximized story telling capability.

And like I said earlier, we all have a story to tell. So let’s tell it the best way that we can. Let’s take advantage of sites like instagram, flickr, pinterest. Let’s use these sites to tell our stories well and authentically.

Leave me a comment below and let me know of any other platforms that you may use to tell your story well. Or you could even tell me why your story is worth telling.

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