Getting Organized

Do you ever find yourself feeling like you have been literally buried in obligations, work, school, life? If you haven’t ever discovered yourself in this sort of a mess please stop reading now and tell me how you do it.

I tend to let projects pile up one on top of the other until they finally collapse and become forgotten moments in time. Luckily, for my academic career, I have become exceptional in the art of improvisation or as some of my peers might call it, “bullshitting.” But I don’t want to talk about how to squeak out of these tight situations. I want to talk about how to develop a plan in order to avoid these tight situations.

Let’s get ORGANIZED!

The word is haunting to many yet brings joy to type-A’s around the world. In order for us to understand how to become organized I think we need to understand the root of our fear first. For starters, being organized requires work. We have to work at being organized even if it comes naturally. We have to remember where things go and always put them there. We have to establish systems, rules and guidelines… and then follow them! So it is safe to say that organization is not for the lazy.

Second, organization takes time. I don’t know how people acquire the time to be constantly remembering what things they have to do where. They probably have a schedule or something dumb like that. And when they do get all of their plans organized it seems like they get to do twice as many things as I do.

Lastly, organization is not fun. For those of you who think it is fun, please spare the rest of us. The question I find myself often asking myself in this situation is, “Why would I plan to do something when I could just go do it?” This is dangerous because my memory, like yours, is not perfect.

So I realize this has been a rant consisting mostly of complaints about organization. So how do we get organized?

It really comes down to a change in our mindset and a consciousness of where and when we waste time. So I plan to start my regiment of getting organized by taking a step back and taking a good look at my life from 10,000 feet up. I know that understanding where we waste time is where it starts.

So for the creative people out there who have been stressing about when they will get stuff done, be reminded that our creative process is useless if it is cluttered. AND one finished project is better than 10 unfinished ones.

2 thoughts on “Getting Organized

  1. In my opinion the best way to be organized is to give priorities. Whenever a priority is fixed you can manage it. Another important thing that the people don’t consider enough is to sleep. If you don’t sleep enough, you won’t be enough productive and the time will shift away. So carefully plan your sleep time, focus on the objectives and respect the deadlines. In this way your time will be managed in an acceptable efficient way. To increase your productivity even more you have to find out the right balance between adrenaline, stress and relax and sleep time. The more you manage it, the better your results will be.

    1. That’s SO true! Sleep is unbelievably important! When I am tired I can’t get anything done. It’s like trying to get a car to drive without gas in it.

      Thanks for the input!

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