Let’s Kill the Apathy Giant

Do you ever find yourself at a true stand-still? The feeling is somewhat like an old black and white portrait with absolutely zero expression. Life seems to have lost all real contrast and your perspective is flat. This is one of the worst positions to find yourself in because their is no all-encompassing cure for dullness. However, I would like to share recent break through that I have had in overcoming the dull, flat, emotionless days.

I’m not a particularly lazy person but when I’m having a flat day I usually find my self sitting behind a computer screen clicking the reload button on my email browser. I think that we all know how pointless that is… When we finally do get a new email it’s a new promotion from the cable company that we are definitely not interested in. But the real problem with this whole concept is that these types of apathetic moments prevent us from doing. They serve as literal roadblocks when we need to accomplish something, make something, create something.

For many of us this state of laziness or apathy can be a real mental battle that is often challenging to overcome. But many people that I have talked to tend to respond to my concerns about being lazy and apathetic with a, “Just don’t be lazy.” or a, “Just do something.” In one sense, they are right. But in reality they haven’t thought about the struggles that some of us face when just trying to do something.

So I have found that we do need to “Just do something,” but we need a plan of attack to do so. Laziness is a true opponent that we often have to do real physical battle with, so let’s treat it that way.

When a boxer prepares for a fight or when a football coach prepares for a game they almost always study their opponent. They look for patterns and want to know where there opponent usually tries to strike and where they themselves are vulnerable. This is the same for us in our battles with apathy. Laziness and apathy don’t usually blindside us, there are warning signs. For me the onset usually comes in between big dates on my schedule. If I have one big project that I have just finished but know that I have another one coming up in the next couple of days I tend to want to unwind and just kick-back. This becomes problematic because I often want to just continue kicking-back when my next project comes.

With that said, my recent success in battling the apathy giant has been exercise. I am by no means a great athlete but I do often find joy in legitimate activity [walking to the fridge is not activity]. There is something about exercise that changes how the chemicals in our brain react when we feel stagnant [i don’t know the science behind it]. But I do know it’s true because I have experienced it. So I want to challenge the lazy bums out there to exercise so that they can go do and go create.

One of my fellow bloggers, Kali Whipple, does a great job of giving tips on exercise and wellness. You can find one of her most recent posts here.

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