The Heart of the Storm

In the heart of the storm the wind howls too loud for your voice to be heard. The rain falls too fast for you to see. The thunder roars at an absolute unbearable volume. All progress is halted. All hope is lost.

In the heart of the storm is shame. In the heart of the storm is fear.

But here’s the thing about the storm; at its center there is no power, on its edges the endurance is temporary, in its most hostile portion we continue to exist. The storm does not outlast us, it does not own us.

I think everyone can agree that life is not easy. And if you do think life is easy you probably need to move out of your parents basement. But seriously, why is this life not easy? Why can’t we work hard to earn whatever we want? Why don’t we have control over our own story?

Answer: Life is not easy because it is full of other people. Other people who want to write their own story and don’t care about yours. Other people who are only looking out for number one, just like you. Other people who want their happiness more than yours, just like you want yours more than theirs. Other people who find themselves fighting the storm.

So what do we do about this? We persevere. We embrace. We hope.

This is our only option. We persevere because the storm is temporary. We embrace because we cannot command. We hope because we know that this is not it, it does not end here.

Once we understand that our existence is not a story about us but is instead a story about everything, we are freed to live outside of the storm. When we try to force our own narrative we will find ourselves stirring the storm and causing the winds to only blow harder. At this moment some might say that the storm is on the verge of destroying us, but in reality we are on the verge of destroying ourselves. Therefore, I will hope to embrace a story that is greater than my own, that will last longer than my own, that will be more full of joy than my own.

2 thoughts on “The Heart of the Storm

  1. “He Creates, You Create” ‘I watch’ and am most impressed. Hey, I could not have done such a thing. You had some friends helping–I had not talent nor friends with talent. We are quite impressed!! I want you to help me on my resume when I’m looking for my next job. Pa
    This is in answer to your blog for the class presentation. You did a great job!!!
    Grandma (I wasn’t sure how to get on to the comments there, without starting a new Google account.)

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