Crappy Gods

Let me start by saying; we all have a god.

There is a THING in all of our lives that commands our motives, actions and purpose. We do not live just to exist because machines can do that, rocks can do that. We live to fulfill a purpose, to achieve something, to want something. We do not get to live to make ourselves great because we all meet a similar end, death. And even if our name “lives on” it’s only a name. So why do we work to create these gods? Why do we try to imagine something worth worshiping? Why do we have this need for a god?

Some of us will try to make objects our god. We will pursue this journey of gathering things until our house eventually collapses on us because it is too full of stuff. THINGS will never satisfy us. A brand new truck with rims will not make “hot chicks” think that you are cool (or worth their time). Fake boobs and jewelry will not make a Ryan Gosling character think that you are sexy (or that you have a personality). If you believe that material things can satisfy you then you have bought into to a lie and you will be empty.

Some of us will try to make emotions our god. We will go do whatever it takes to make sure that we are happy so that we can enjoy life. But happiness by itself is absolutely empty. Someone who wants to fill their glass with happiness alone will find themselves in a false reality because greif is real. Greif is an honest FACT of life. And because it is a fact of life it is a necessary part of life. So if we try to make being happy our god we will never find complete satisfaction but only a false fullness that will quickly fade with our days.

Some of us will try to make someone else our god. We will cling to this other person in high hopes that they will be able to satisfy our every need. We hope that they will not just bring us sustenance but true joy in our life. But here is the problem with making this other person our focus of worship… They never asked to be our god, they don’t want to be our god. They get sick of us. They don’t love us all the time. They will never satisfy us. They will choose themselves before they choose us.

MOST of us will try to make ourselves our god. There is nothing easier to love than ourselves. There is nothing easier to hate than ourselves. When we make ourselves our god we rely upon our own perfection to satisfy us, to fulfill us. We will never be perfect and we will therefore, never be full. We can try to make things that everybody will love so that we feel loved. But a something is never loved by everyone. We can try to do good for others so that we can feel good about ourselves. But the feeling is lost as soon as we see that the good we do is never done, but exponentially doing and therefore never satisfying.

I am the most guilty of all of these. But I have hope.

Because there is only one God and His name is Jesus. He has satisfied ALL. And He is my God.

6 thoughts on “Crappy Gods

  1. I’m going to start by saying that I don’t necessarily think you’re wrong. Everyone certainly has a paradigm that is unique to their sense of priorities and individual self, a paradigm to which you might assign the word “god.” However, I think that to assume that those frameworks are mutually exclusive or even dominating factors is somewhat limiting. You assume that we all live with the notion of a singular higher purpose – happiness, money, Jesus, whatever – but I think that identity is constantly in flux. We all share the commonality of moving towards an ultimate death, but I think that we are constantly dying and being reborn into a new framework – every decision represents the ability to radically shift. That doesn’t undermine the existence of a higher power, nor does it rule out the existence of an anthropomorphized one for which you advocate; but it does bring into question the evaluation of ethics, which I think is what you are calling god, and its relationship to your faith-based framework. Maybe life doesn’t have a purpose and you’re simply arbitrarily assigning one?

    1. Keep in mind that it’s not just one thing that we assign as ultimate/purpose but many. I said that I am guilty of calling ALL of those things my god and I think there are many more.

      Also, I did not write this expecting everyone to agree with “my framework.” But I really do appreciate your input. It adds a lot of value.


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