Only Hope

Have you ever gone to someone with a heart-faltering problem? You went to that person because you trusted them. You went to that person because you knew they cared not just about you, but FOR you. You went to that person because they knew you, they knew your love and they knew your hate and they knew your pain.

Unfortunately, we usually approach this moment of confidence with an unrealistic expectation. We expect that spilling our guts to this person will make them want to care for us more. We expect that laying everything out on the table will cause them to understand the desires of our heart more purely. We expect that we ourselves are totally lovable.

Because we think that we know they love us, because we think that we know we trust them, because we think we know that they know us… we hope in them. …Mistake.

The facts are, that person may love us, hold our trust and know us better than any person on the planet but they are not capable of holding the weight of our hope. When we put our hope on their shoulders they will crumble as quickly as anything else. And it’s not because they don’t want to help us, hold us and love us. It’s because they are a flawed human being just like we are. They have problems just like we have problems. They rumble with anger just like we rumble. They cave to anxiety just like we cave. Their pain is just like our pain. They bleed just like we bleed. Their struggle is no different than our own.

We can not expect this person to have magic words, problem fixing advice or HOPE because they are just a person, just like we are. Their words have an end, their advice has a limit and their hope is fading if it is in someone like me or someone like you.

There is hope in only one thing. A majesty. A King. He holds the HOPE of all things.

2 thoughts on “Only Hope

  1. oh wow I so needed to read this!!!! I’m trying to fix Bob and I cannot! Only Jesus our King can THANK YOU MARK! Love you!!!!

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