This Not That

So often I find myself in the situation of wanting this when I already have that.

The this provides satisfaction instantly but you never know when it will escape, taking with it all of your hope and joy. It could last for months and it could also be gone in one day. Here’s why, the this does not care, the this does not see YOU, the this can only see itself, the this has an expiration, the this doesn’t WANT you, the this doesn’t love you.

In the deepest parts of our soul we all already know that the this is fleeting, the this is temporary, the this is only a this. BUT we continue to seek life within it. We do this because we want so badly to trust the this, even though we know the this is not trustworthy. We think that the more time we spend finding sustenance in the this, the more likely it will be that the this will grow on us and learn to love us. Wrong, the this will always be an unchanging and stagnant this.

The that

The that is what we already have and are too blind to see. The that is supportive. The that does NOT run when it finds out who we really are. The that will hurt when we hurt and continue to love us when we are unlovable. The that will endure longer than we could ever dream of.

If these are facts about the thats in our lives then why do we continue to attempt to find hope and acceptance in the this? I think we chase after the this because it is shiny and pretty. The this looks like everything we ever wanted. And our world provides SO MUCH this but hides almost all of the that.

What’s your that?

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