MCA – Influence

Beastie Boys – Paul Revere 

Today Beastie Boy Adam Yauch passed away at 47. I wanted to write this short post about him because I believe that he was a person of great influence.

Yauch was known by most as MCA for the last three decades. On the stage his presence and lyrics would command attention in way that is completely foreign to most “rappers” of my generation. This is because he was more than just a rapper, he was a person of influence and a true artist. He had a passion for his craft and was naturally a master of it. He was a master of influence.

His influence has been evidenced by the numerous articles that appeared today on sites like RollingStone, Reuters, and MTV. Because of this I think that we need to see today as a time to try to understand our own influence. What circles do we carry weight in? Who is going to write about us if we are taken tomorrow? What legacy did we leave behind?

MCA was taken young and will be missed by many but he left behind real influence and a true legacy. So let’s remember his life by mastering our own crafts and carrying the weight of our own influence.

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