Just Write It OUT

Sometimes we just need to grab a pen and a paper and forget about what our heart wants to write. Write what you NEED to write.

Lately my blog posts have been more on the serious side, which I don’t regret at all. However, sometimes we need to change our routine even if it seems like it’s not going to get us anywhere. I have recently realized that I have been digging myself into a hole of taking things too seriously to be taken seriously. If that doesn’t make any sense read it a couple more times.

When we approach life too seriously we forget what it can be.

So when we do this it’s not just dangerous for us but it’s also dangerous for the people around us. And yes, “dangerous” is the right word. It’s dangerous because taking life too seriously is destructive to relationships. It’s destructive because relationships hold their foundation in how well one person can understand the other. We will never be able to understand someone else if we treat them like a business decision, project, chore, object… People are SO much more complex than that.

So here’s the deal; how do we stop acting like task-executing robots that take life too seriously and start acting like people?

Let’s start by doing something that changes our routine. Today I changed my routine by trying to write something that was creative and fun. I took a childhood memory and bent the truth to make it into a fun story. But know that I am not saying that everyone should go write a fun and creative story to change up their routine. That’s just what I did. I did it because it took my mind off of the serious and focused it on something a could genuinely enjoy.

This is the short, cheesy, fun, not-serious, sarcastic story that I put together today. Let me know what you think.

If you thought this was horrible please let me know so I don’t waste my time trying to write “fun” stories.

2 thoughts on “Just Write It OUT

  1. Yes, change it up at times!!! I do the same! I read a book years ago “Secrets of the VINE”. It inspired me to journal. I would write out my prayer request to Jesus at least once a week.
    As time went on I started pouring my heart out to Him in writing, and now I write to Him daily about everything, funny things too!!!

    I never know what to buy an old person………..so when someone ask me what I want for a present, I can’t think of anything.

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