Lazy Monday

This past Monday I took Bill for a walk up in the foothills of West Reno near Hunter Creek…

I’d like to start by saying, a hike/walk is traditionally supposed to be a relaxing enjoyable experience. Am I wrong is saying so? This little walk-about was great for the most part… Lots of fresh air, plenty of trees and other majesty to look at. But then I remembered Bill isn’t totally all there when it comes to the command “Come.” This can be upsetting when night is falling and you have places to be. You see, Bill has no concept of appointments, night time, those types of things… This means our little hour long walk/hike-about became a two-hour long adventure I was not quite prepared for.

Having said that, it would have just been a walk without Bill. I hope I get to take this pup on many more walks because with your dog it’s not just a walk, it’s an adventure.





The Dungeness Crab Graves of Florence

I stopped in Florence, OR for several hours before deciding to work inland. The sand on the beach of the north jetty was ever bit as soft and inviting as that of Southern California beaches. But it was untouched! Bill and I shared a three mile stretch of beach with a women’s book club and that was it!

ON a completely empty beach there was more to look at than you would regularly imagine. And the piece that stood out to me most were the thousands of Dungeness Crab skeletons that found themselves dried up on the beach. It was unlike any other beach I had ever walked before.