Black & White Beach Day

Here’s some shots from Harris State Beach in Brookings, OR. The only trouble I had the whole trip was when I got a flat tire parked at this beach. It wasn’t a terrible place to have a flat tire.





Up the Coast

At the end of September I took a jaunt across California and up the Oregon Coast. I originally set out thinking I would take tons of photos but ended up only capturing a few. As it turned out, I spent most of my time taking in the phenomenal ocean views instead of staring at the settings on my camera. It was a refreshing trip, lasting me three days and 1,400 miles.

In this digital age I find my self constantly relying on the faithful old iPhone to get me places. But on this trip I decided to buy a book to help me find worthwhile camp sites. I bought a book from Moon which I would highly recommend to anybody looking to camp in Oregon anytime soon.

I also shot film for the first time and I’m looking forward to developing and sharing some of that as well. For now, here’s a few of what I’ve got.







Midtown Art Walk Vendor Movies

I haven’t blogged in forever! But I had the chance to make four short videos for this year Midtown Art Walk and I wanted to share them all in the same place.

The idea behind the videos was to introduce people who may to doing the walk to vendors/merchants they had never met before. It was great hearing all the different stories coming out of midtown and it was really a privilege getting to meet everyone. If you haven’t checked out any of these businesses you need to!

Sorry for the audio quality. I will not be using this mic again!

Death & Taxes

The Antos Agency

Too Soul Tea


Keith & Taylor

Well… As some of you may know, my good friends Keith & Taylor have been engaged for long enough to know that I am not announcing anything new. But I wanted to share the photos and video that they let me take for their engagement. Let me know what you think.






Keith – I’m glad you finally smiled for the last one!

I’m super thankful that you guys let me in on making this memory.

Well, it’s been a while.

It’s been over six months since I sat infront of my keyboard and wrote out a blog. But yesterday I made a video about nothing in particular and I really wanted to share it with all of you who still follow He Creates i create.

Recently I took a visit to my grandparents house and they let me go through all their old junk, which eventually inspired me to make the short movie below. This movie is not actually about music and interior design although it could be… Let me know what you think and hopefully I’ll have more blogs to share with you soon!